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Munch Eco Hero Dinner Set

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ALL IN ONE DINNERSET - Feeding baby can be difficult especially if you cannot find all the equipment you need. When baby is hungry we wants food Now! This fantastic Baby or Toddler feeding set has it all. A cup with handles for easy useage, a baby plate and spoon, fork, bowl and a non slip mat to stop items slipping off the table. It contains the smoothest baby spoon to encourage your little one to eat. It is perfect as it has everything!

EASY STORAGE due to all the parts being able to be stacked together to make a cute Munch Eco Hero. The little hero that is trying to save the world!

THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER TABLEWARE gift. It is adorable and comes with a great story about what it is made from. It is made from the natural and sustainable rice husks, a by-product of the rice industry. Instead of the rice husks being burnt we now use it to make non plastic kitchenware which is biodegradeable. Whereas plastic does not biodegrade and hurts our environment and animals. Munch Eco Hero’s are made from all natural products. Even the shinny coating is a natural non plastic product.

EASY CLEAN as it is dishwasher safe and withstands temperatures between -22F and 248°F.

A UNIQUE ECO_FRIENDLY BABY PRODUCT. Buy our Munch Eco Hero and help this little hero save the world!

Product Description

Looking for a kids cutlery or the perfect baby shower tableware gift, that is not harmful to our planet and a 100% biodegradable? Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set is made form rice husks, a natural by-product of rice processing. Help save our planet by using products made of rice husks which would have been burnt otherwise, producing loads of CO2 and SO2. Why use silicone baby spoons which are bad for the environment? Use our baby feeding spoon made from a natural product. Our eco-friendly baby and toddler tableware is dishwasher safe and can be handwashed with neutral pH detergent. Do not soak in water for a prolonged time. Natural wax on the surface may fade by daily usage but does not affect quality.

Size: 20cm length x 15cm width


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